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    Soil investigation, analysis and remediation

    LITOCLEAN is innovation applied to contaminated soil research and analysis. Time and cost efficient solutions to contamination problems. 

    LITOCLEAN designs investigation strategies that provide all the required information with the number of drillings, thereby minimising cost and interference with the site’s activity. Our commitment is to not start drilling until we have determined which compounds we are looking for and which points will provide us with the best information.

    We start from a historical study that reveals which potentially contaminating activities have been developed at the site. This study includes sequences of aerial photographs from different times to obtain a chronological view of the area’s activities.

    Likewise, we are supported by the latest innovations in the study of gases to trace a preliminary map of the distribution of contaminants in the subsoil from the gases that detach, in other words, without the need to drill. We have technologies like PETREX®, a rapid and minimally invasive tool owned by LITOCLEAN that detects and identifies contaminants in soil and groundwater , or MIP (Membrane Interface Probe) that enables the three-dimensional distribution of organic compounds in the subsoil.