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  • The success of a LITOCLEAN investigation made the news at La Vanguardia

    Many media are echoing the results of the doctoral thesis performed by LITOCLEAN alongside UB and UAB

    October 25th 2019

    La Vanguardia has recorded the results of the investigation performed by LITOCLEAN, the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the University of Barcelona (UB), in the context of the Doctoral studies of Natàlia Blázquez Pallí, currently an environmental specialist at LITOCLEAN.

    This research took into account a real case scenario, in which LITOCLEAN achieved the total decontamination of an aquifer with a high concentration of toxic organochlorides named perchloroethylene, through the use of bacteria that reduce these compounds.

    The success of this bioremediation have also been featured on other media as Europa Press, Econoticias, iAgua, Bolsamanía o Innova Spain,  amongst others.