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    Innovation applied to contaminated soil investigation and remediation

    LITOCLEAN is an environmental consultancy with expertise in the execution of  investigation and remediation soil and groundwater projects. To guarantee the success of each project, LITOCLEAN is committed to innovation and training, and uses the most advanced technology. In this way, LITOCLEAN has become an expert in the sector and a trusted company among the most prestigious refining, petrochemical and fine chemicals companies, as well as the competent authorities. 

    LITOCLEAN has a highly specialised multidisciplinary team of technicians and geology, chemical science, environment, biology and industrial engineering graduates. This enables the company to face, with guarantees, each challenge put forward by contaminated soil investigation and remediation projects: the definition of the hydrogeological structure, the relationship between chemical compounds and the environment, the prediction of the impact of contaminants on the environment and the design and implementation of the most appropriate action plan.

    LITOCLEAN, a company founded in 1999, has no ties to any economic or industrial group, guaranteeing its independence when it comes to choosing the most effective solution for its clients.