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  • Wastewater Disposal Project


    We draft your disposal legalisation project by selecting the most suitable wastewater treatment system for disposal into the receiving environment. LITOCLEAN submits the project to the competent authority with the application for wastewater disposal authorization, in order that you have soon thereafter the legalisation of your disposal. 

    The project entails constant communication with basin organisations (Hydrographic Confederations and/or autonomous organizations) and the justification of contaminating flows and loads produced by the activity (industrial, commercial or residential), as well as the proposal for the water treatment system, its evacuation, foreseen yield and location of the plant and disposal site.

    The wastewater disposal permit entails the facility project appropriately treating water, does not entail a hazard to health or the environment, and complies with current legislation. 

    The LITOCLEAN team audits facilities, offering an effective solution to treatment systems without disposal permit, avoiding authority penalties.

    By auditing the facilities, the suitability of the system is verified, if applicable, in accordance with the needs of the activity, subsequently managing the legalisation.