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  • LITOCLEAN offers an informative session to gas stations owners sited in Galicia

    The main objective of the session was to solve questions and to guide the assistants through the procedures to follow.

    July 15th 2019

    In recent  times, la Xunta de Galicia has subjected the Galician gas stations to environmental inspections. As a result, many of them showed the necessity of remediation actions based on the exceeded of the admissible risk levels for the human health protection. Therefore, a bewilderment of the gas station owners was generated.  In order to inform to the interested stakeholders about the technical and regulatory scope of the situation and the solutions that would be implemented, on behalf of LITOCLEAN, a team of soil investigation and remediation experts offered an informative session.

    This lecture, celebrated in Santiago de Compostela last June, was led by Marta González, responsible for the northern zone department, Javier Cortón, soil remediation director, and Marçal Bosch, CEO of LITOCLEAN. More than 50 gas station representatives, from all of four Galician provinces attended the event.

    During the session, LITOCLEAN’s team presented the ultimate remediation techniques available and the cases in which they are conveniently applied. The time-consuming period and costs involved also were detailed. The objective of the event was to provide to the interested assistants all the necessary information related to their concern and give them some clues to tackle the administrative requirements.

    Both LITOCLEAN’s professionals and gas stations owners agreed on the value of this kind of informative sessions, since they are of great help in solving doubts as well as to guiding them when a remediation process is needed to implemented.