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  • The Basque Government offers grants to companies to environmental protection

    Amongst the benefits, there are the ones related to investigation and remediation of contaminated soil and the elaboration of the Baseline Report.

    July 03rd 2019

    The Basque Government has published the grants offered to companies that invest in the environment protection. One of the options to receive the subsidies is, amongst others, the funding of studies that allow exceeding the European Union policies on the matter of environmental protection. In addition, there are grants for the early adaptation to future regulations, environmental studies, investment in recycling and reutilization of waste material and investigation and remediation of contaminated soils when the responsible has not been identified.

    Furthermore, the SME will be able to access the economic benefits to finance the costs of external consultant services on environmental subjects. The declaration of soil quality in lots that have supported potentially contaminating activities and also helps to the companies integrated with the IPCC regulation (Integrated Prevention and Control of Contamination) to the presentation of Baseline Reports inside the (AIS – Integrated Environmental Authorization) are within these services.

    Deadline to apply for these subsidies is July 18th . For further information, consult it here.