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  • TEMA LITOCLEAN Group claims the importance of water on its International Day

    Today, March, 22nd, is a special day to highlight the role of water as an essential resource for the human well-being and for the Environment.

    March 22nd 2019

    In its firm commitment to the Environment and to fundamental human rights, TEMA-LITOCLEAN Group joins the celebration of International Water Day, as well as the claim for a responsible use of all of the natural resources, as the company does in its activities.


    The International Day of this essential resource, the water, is celebrated every March 22nd. This year, it is done under the theme “Leaving no one behind”, based on the main promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which consists in guaranteeing the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation to everyone, until 2030.

    Water is a fundamental element on everyone’s life, and also on the development of our environment. It has a key role on the reduction of poverty, on economic growth and environmental sustainability as well. Water is a synonym of well-being, since it directly affects the alimentary safety and the human and Environment health.

    In 2010, the United Nations have recognized the access to potable water and sewerage as an essential human right for the full enjoyment of life. Nevertheless, there are millions of people who, nowadays, do not have drinkable water available.