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  • The bioremediation, subject of study of a doctoral thesis developed at LITOCLEAN

    The consultant firm has studied, together with an UAB doctoral candidate, the viability of bioremediation in sites contaminated with organic chlorine compounds.

    May 24th 2019

    For years, LITOCLEAN has been working to implement new techniques for the investigation and decontamination of soil and water. Its compromise with innovation and knowledge has taken it into hiring a doctoral candidate, who has developed her project within the company. The doctoral study consists in evaluate the viability of bioremediation treatments in sites contaminated with organic chlorine compounds. The tests took place in three different locations, obtaining valuable results in all of them. As a consequence, LITOCLEAN redesigned the remediation strategy, changing from the chemical oxidation that was once planned, to an anaerobic stimulated bioremediation.


    The partnership university – business results advantageous to both actors. Natàlia Blázquez and Joan Varias explain it on this video.