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  • LITOCLEAN shares its knowledge on the seminars about contaminated soil

    Many specialists from the company have given lectures about different themes.

    June 19th 2019

    LITOCLEAN have participated very actively on the seminars about contaminated soil, that have been celebrated on June 11th and 12th in CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, organized by the Catalonia Waste Agency.

    Experts from LITOCLEAN have took part in many sessions, presenting themes of the audience’s interests and even moderating one of them.

    The conference kicked off with a number of lectures about international experiences, and was moderated by the executive director of TEMA-LITOCLEAN Group, Begoña Mundó.

    Jenny Nilsson, LITOCLEAN’s project director and expert in soil investigation, did a presentation themed “Relevant aspects for the risk analysis – Toxicology and technical criteria”, framed under the Quantitative Risk Analysis Session.

    Following this one, it was the turn for Núria Rasós, technical director in LITOCLEAN, and Sergi López, hydrogeologist in the company, who participated on the session about vapour sampling and analysis, presenting the lecture “Indirect detection of contamination – Contaminants mobilization”.

    During the session: “TPH, no-intrusive investigation techniques”, Carles García, project director, talked about “Geophysics applied to the investigation of contaminated soil. International practical examples.”

    Finally, Marçal Bosch, LITOCLEAN’s general director, and Joan Varias, project director and responsible of the firm’s R&D department, talked about “The importance of pilot tests in singular decontamination projects. Practical cases” in the session about “organochlorines contamination: selection of technologies and pilot tests”.

    In addition to the leading role regarding conferences, LITOCLEAN and the Agència de Residus de Catalunya has worked together for the participation of relevant people within the soil pollution sector in other countries, such as the case of Dr. Julia Justo and Engineer Vilma Morales from Peru.