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  • LITOCLEAN, a new member of ITRC

    ITRC is a collaborative space between different entities and companies, for the development and dissemination of the most innovative environmental solutions.

    October 18th 2019

    LITOCLEAN has joined the IAP (Industry Affiliates Program) from  ITRC (Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council), , a space for the exchange of knowledge and information about the development and deployment of innovative environmental technologies.

    This decision is in line with the company’s bet for the continuous learning and the dissemination of technical-scientific knowledge related to contaminated soil. Its objective is to actively participate at the working groups about the soil investigation, vapour intrusion, risk analysis and remediation projects, amongst others. This agreement will allow the collaboration and synergy between several entities and companies in this sector.

    ITRC is an internationally renowned organ that develops an important task at the elaboration of methodological guidelines, the revision of technical criteria and the spreading of relevant news, through different channels. These actions arouse the interest of LITOCLEAN to actively add its team to the working groups.