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  • Litoclean integrated the latest technology to detect heavy metals

    Litoclean updates its portable heavy metal detection equipment. A fundamental tool for soil analysis

    April 10th 2017

    Litoclean has again committed the new technologies and gets with the most innovative tools of the sector of soil analysis. And is that recently has integrated work material the XRF detector, a portable equipment analysis with a wide range of heavy metals. The analyser allows the identification of alloy grades and pure metals quickly and absolute accuracy.

    The configuration of XRF detector allows accurate detection of materials and reports on the chemical composition thereof, including aluminum alloys, cobalt, magnesium, nickel, titanium, etc. It is an x-ray fluorescence analyzer with a precision of parts per million.

    This innovative equipment significantly increases performance in soil investigation studies and selective environmental excavations where there is a heavy metal.

    Litoclean has been based on USEPA methodology 6200 for field handling and for the management of analytical results. These are obtained directly through equipment control software, which is handled with a laptop. Likewise, Litoclean has integrated a workstation that allows to operate the analyzer maintaining security and complying with the regulation of the radioactive equipment.