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  • Remediation of a kerosene affected site

    Decontamination of over 25,000 cubic metres completed

    February 26th 2010

    Litoclean completed the decontamination of over 25,000 cubic metres of soil and 100,000 cubic meters of water contaminated by kerosene.

    The land, located in the vicinity of Barcelona Airport, had been affected by a leak from a pipeline that transported Jet A-1 aviation fuel, which required complex remediation work, of both of the soil and groundwater.

    The remediation carried out consisted of the excavation, treatment and subsequent fill of the affected land. The excavation and fill work required the continuous pumping of water, which was decontaminated at a treatment plant, in order to reduce the concentration of dissolved hydrocarbons and reduce the groundwater level.

    The soil for its part, was remediated using aeration and forced oxidation.