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  • Safety Alliance Award Nomination

    May 06th 2011

    Litoclean was the only environmental company nominated for a 2011 Safety Alliance award.

    With this nomination, in the "Perseverance" category, the Spanish oil market recognises the company’s attitude and commitment. The award for Litoclean represents a stimulus to keep innovating in soil investigation and remediation.

    The Safety Alliance was created in 2007 by five oil companies with the purpose of establishing common criteria, methodologies, requirements and demands for suppliers to their service stations. Certifications are given to suppliers on the Alliance’s online portal after an objective assessment of each company’s risk prevention and safety. The Alliance, made up of Repsol, BP, Galp, Cepsa Disa and new member Saras, plans to expand abroad to countries such as Portugal, Turkey, France and the United Kingdom.