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  • We have updated our image

    April 29th 2010

    Litoclean has a new image for its entire corporate communications. The update began in 2009, when we celebrated our 10th anniversary, and culminated in the redesign of the web portal.

    The new image combines flat colours with clean, simple graphic elements, and takes care of written communication in each and every communication tool. The professional team that implemented the change was inspired by the values that have characterised the company’s spirit since its beginnings: experience, technology, specialisation and innovation.

    In these 10 years, Litoclean has positioned itself as a point of reference in the sector, winning the trust of the refining, petrochemical and fine chemicals industry, and of the competent authorities.

    Moreover, we have driven our international expansion with the execution of over 100 projects in countries of Europe, the Americas and Africa, and with the opening of offices in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Neuquén), Bolivia (Santa Cruz de la Sierra), Mexico (México City), Peru (Lima) and Venezuela (Caracas).