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  • TEMA LITOCLEAN Group claims the role of women on the industrial an environmental sectors

    45% of the company workers are women, despite the fact it is a very masculine sector.

    March 13th 2019

    The Women’s International Day exists, amongst other reasons, to promote the reflection about the role of women in society, in all of its spheres. One of them is the labour market, to which women have incorporated themselves, although without reaching equal conditions on most of the cases. The salary gap, the small representation on directive positions or harassment episodes are just a few examples of the sexual discrimination that women still suffer on the work environment.

    Industrial and environmental sectors

    There are sectors in which those inequalities are especially visible, because some professions have been, historically, considered as male ones, and access to them by women is still difficult. The industrial and environmental sectors are some of them.   

    If we could take a walk on an Engineering university, for example, we would  be able to attest that these careers have a small percentage of female students, much smaller than those related to Social Sciences. Science and Technology have always been very masculinized sectors, and this fact undermines the access of women to these jobs, especially when there are few female references on these fields.      

    Women on TEMA-LITOCLEAN group

    TEMA-LITOCLEAN group have done an internal examination of the presence of women on the company, which belongs to a mainly masculine sector. Data shows that the company has a good policy of gender equality, since more than 45% of the employees are women. This fact invites to keep working over the same principles and to keep counting on female talent.

    Despite of numbers, TEMA-LITOCLEAN México has wanted to know the opinion of female workers of the industrial sector, to find how they could achieve average to high levels of command on an environment that is so dominated by the male gender. Their testimonials shows that those women don’t allow prejudices to become obstacles, that they are confident about their capacities and the advantages that they represent for the companies. 

    The experience of those women, the challenges that they have faced and the position they have reached are not coincidences, but a cause and effect relation. They work daily, without lowering the guard, because they know they are on a position of disadvantage because of the gender gap. However, they have used this as the motivation to become stronger women, reaffirmed to their commitment to keep moving forward and turning into role models, so that day after day women are more visible on these sectors.

    Although nowadays more companies choose to incorporate more women, including on decision making positions, the equality between women and men is still distant on the industrial sector. The ratio of women that occupy high positions is considerably inferior, despite of their capacitation level. The objective has to be the equality, but not because there is a gender quota to fulfill, but because of their abilities and strengths on the labour market.