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  • LITOCLEAN establishes a quality and environmental policy

    June 23rd 2017

    LITOCLEAN, a company engaged in soil analysis, risk analysis and soil decontamination, operates in accordance with a clear quality and environmental policy. This policy is supported by three key pillars: customer satisfaction, the quality of the service provided and the company’s employees.

    The company ensures that its management hinges on the prevention of environmental pollution as a basic measure for protecting the environment. Thanks to this commitment and the policy that governs all of its actions, the company is in the process of securing certification in accordance with the international quality management systems and environmental management systems standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, respectively.

    In doing so, the company strives for excellence in each and every one of its actions. This is clear in aspects such as, for example, the fact that LITOCLEAN always stipulates and clarifies in writing the terms and its commitments to its customers, establishing and reaching a consensus as to all associated conditions by mutual agreement. Furthermore, in accordance with its policy, the company undertakes to close gaps in situations involving unsatisfactory services by taking remedial action upon detection.

    LITOCLEAN relies on its multidisciplinary and specialised staff to ensure top quality service. The company undertakes to optimise and maintain a good working environment and comply with the criteria on occupational health and safety, the continual improvement of its services and staff training. As a result of this responsible action, all of its employees are fully committed to upholding the terms and conditions of LITOCLEAN’s quality policy. 

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